You Might be Within "one Inch" of Getting It ALL Right.

I decided to attempt a little creativity in the show this week.  :)
In preparing for a 100 mile bike ride I learned an invaluable, little piece of information that made a HUGE difference in my effectiveness on this arduous ride.  Learning this information created a powerful analogy for me... reminding me of how simple tweaks can make all the difference in leading to your success.
OK, that's vague...
This mini movie will fill you in on this secret and hopefully be as empowering for you as it was for me...

How to Negotiate Like a Pro in 11 Minutes!

Looking back on past negotiations, I can say that a few have went really well... but, early on, many went extremely... sideways. 
After painful trial and error, I prayed and sought council from some amazing negotiators, allowing me to stretch myself and grow in this skill area.  My deep prayer is that you take my strategy to heart and avoid some of the painful pitfalls that I have suffered to make that big deal happen!
If you don't currently have a deal to negotiate, you'll want to bookmark this one and file it away for later use.  There's some really powerful content in this video...


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