Are the Changes in Your Life a Huge Opportunity?

If you are going through a change in your life right now, about to go through a change, or know someone who is...

this episode is for you.

Did you know that there are 2 MAJOR REASONS why changes in your life can be catalyst for HUGE opportunity?  This episode will reveal those 2 reasons, and empower you to make the most of any change... negative or positive.  When it comes to change... you got this.  :) 

5 Principles to Becoming a Speed Reader

In my experience there are 2 main reasons that people don't read regularly...
a.  They don't feel they have enough time to fit reading into their busy schedule.
b.  They don't feel they have the mental horsepower or are a "good enough reader".

These are the two reasons why I took so long to start reading regularly... and now I read a book almost every single week.  This episode will show you the 5 principles that prove you can have enough time to read and that you don't have to be a good reader to read regularly.  (I certainly wasn't)  Enjoy and start reading!  :)

7 Principles to Host Your Own Killer Event!

A week ago I hosted a weekend event.

It's interesting to do a lot of research, create a plan, and see that plan meet the "battlefield".  I'm going to give you 7 principles, based on the successes and failures of my event, to help you avoid the pitfalls and set you up for success in creating your own killer event.  Enjoy! 


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