Essays on Effectiveness - Will Smith - Peak Nature

There are several things I admire about Wil Smith and many things that make him effective. 
But what's the NUMBER ONE thing and how do you apply that thing to your own life to become a little more "Wil-like"?  This episode will answer that question in an empowering way.  Enjoy! 
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How to Break Through When You Feel Overwhelmed

When I am trying to accomplish a goal and I get overwhelmed there are usually a few reasons...
I feel I'm not "enough" to accomplish the task.
The task is so big I'm not sure where to start.  Or...
I am fearful that I won't be able to accomplish some part of the task
And so on, and so on...
This week's episode unveils a 5 step method that has helped me to break free of the overwhelm and get moving forward over and over again in my life.  Enjoy!

6 Concepts to OWN to Begin AMAZING Relationships! Part 2/2

This is episode 2 of  "6 Concepts to OWN to Begin AMAZING Relationships (for professional synergy).  If you haven't seen last weeks episode, Watch it first!
Throughout life we need the right kind of synergistic partnerships to make "1 + 1 = 3".  These videos will show you the fundamental shortcuts to making this happen most effectively.  Enjoy the second video!


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