Create a Killer Mastermind, Growth Group, or Networking Club

A synergistic mastermind or "growth group" can make all the difference to your success! 
I've been a member of a professional, weekly mastermind for close to 6 years and am shortly launching a second in order to maximize a completely different area of my life. In preparation, I'm reflecting on both the mistakes and triumphs of the current mastermind, and have done a fair amount of fresh research for this new undertaking. 
This episode will give you all the essentials to start, grow, or improve any mastermind group. Enjoy! :) 

How to Create Powerful Accountability Relationships

Every weekday morning I work out with a friend.  Just knowing that he is coming over to work out forces me to spring out of bed, early. (even though I LOATH mornings).  I get myself and our home gym prepped and ready to go and am prepared to start even before the door bell rings because I don't want to let him down.
The truth is, if I didn't have this accountability I would not be nearly as successful with my fitness goals.  I know this because I have attempted to reach those goals with and without accountability, over the years. 
There is immense power in accountability for every area of our lives.  This episode will show you how to tap into that power of accountability for any thing you want to accomplish...

Proof YOU Can Learn at the HIGHEST Level.

Can you learn at the HIGHEST level?  I grew up feeling pretty inadequate and unable to learn some basic things.  I did poorly in school and had very little confidence I would ever be able to learn quickly.
Fast forward 20 years later: I'm reading a book a week, retaining large amounts of information, and applying much of that information to my daily life.  This weekly show is proof of that.  I don't feel like there is anything special about me that allows me to do this.  Anyone who adheres to the same "3 core principles of learning" that I have come to know can grow to learn at the highest level.  I share those 3 principles with you, today.   VIDEO PASSWORD: learnfast


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