8 Lessons I've Learned from Half a Million Views - Part 1/4

Welcome to Season 1 Episode 1 of "the Stretch Game"!  (I explain more in the episode.)
It's taken a year and a half of shooting these productivity videos to reach 500,000 views.  I have learned a lot along the way.  This series of 4 videos is going to help you to leap frog over some of the failures, mistakes, and hard lessons I have learned over the past year to accomplish this milestone.
Hope you find this video helpful in applying these lesson to your own life..  :)
Enjoy and have a GREAT week!

Become the Person You Want to Be... in 5 Minutes.

f you're an achiever, you set "outcome based" goals.  For some of you, these goals might involve hitting a milestone in your business.  For others, the goal might be to earn a certain income.
But, are you also setting goals to improve the person you are becoming?  Are you setting "Identity Goals"?  This video will provide you with the simple framework to set achievable identity goals in 5, very fast steps.
Have a blessed start to the New Year!

Making New Years Resolutions for Real - Part 2

Stop setting New Year's Resolutions ...unless there's a strategy behind them.  Many of us make New Year's resolutions but very few of us follow through because they are just hopes and dreams, not well crafted plans of action.  This, and the previous video will show you how to create New Year's resolutions that help you reach your 2017 goals, by leading you through a time tested success strategy.


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