Essays on Effectiveness - Warren Buffett - Keep it Simple

Warren Buffett was, recently, the wealthiest man in the world. He's fallen from this position only because he is now the most giving man in history...
He intends on giving away his entire fortune over time to charity... 40 billion dollars. So what's the number one thing that makes him so effective? You might be surprised by what it is... and it's something you can do RIGHT NOW. Enjoy!

The Right Way to Consider Starting a New Business

Over the last month and a half of the series "Essays on Effectiveness", I have been asked multiple times "should I start _______ business".
I thought I'd take a break to answer that question.  This episode will give you the strategy to help you decide if starting a new business is the right idea for you.  Enjoy and have a GREAT week.  :)

Essays on Effectiveness - Amelia Boone - Lean Into Suffering

If you haven't heard of Amelia Boone, I would say you are in the majority... which is a little surprising considering she has been the Michael Jordan of endurance, obstacle course racing for SEVERAL years now.
Oh, and she's also a FULL TIME ATTORNEY with Apple Computer... Wait, what?! So what's the NUMBER ONE thing that makes her SO effective, and how can our use that knowledge to be more effective in your own life? Let's discuss it.  


Popular Strategies...

Keep Moving... You'll Succeed

Stop Procrastination Today

Instant Confidence Booster

Break Through Obstacles

Wake Up to a Purposeful and Productive Week

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