Essays on Effectiveness - Evander "the Real Deal" Holyfield

Sitting in a coffee house right now, I just inquired as to whether my 25 yr old male barista had hear of "Evander Holyfield"... he had not.  It's a shame that not many know of the Christ-like character and championship pedigree that was Evander in, and out of, the boxing ring.

Evander Holyfield was the most under-rated Heavyweight boxing champion of the world.  I'm going to shed some light on who he was and examine what made him most effective.  Then, I'm going to give you the tools and strategies to apply this principle to your own life.  Enjoy!

Essays on Effectiveness - Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan, the GOAT... Greatest basketball player of all time... just what was the NUMBER ONE thing that made MJ so effective?

...his ability to make the people around him better? How hard he practiced? His inherent God-given talent? Let's talk about it and examine how you can powerfully apply this principal of effectiveness to your own life!

Essays on Effectiveness - Steve Jobs

Probably the icon from recent history that fascinates me the most is Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs, like the rest of us, was a flawed, imperfect human being.  However, unlike most of us, he whole-heartedly followed one principle that made him "insanely" effective and led him to making a dent in our universe.
This episode will reveal that one principles through stories of Steve's life, and will give you tools and strategies to POWERFULLY apply this principle to your own life.