Find and Make the Most of Every Opportunity

I'm of the belief that we miss opportunities all the time.  Passing up on things like...
  • Opportunities to grow spiritually
  • Opportunities to strengthen our relationships
  • Opportunities to move forward in business
  • Opportunities to become more physically fit
  • Opportunities to become wiser and more mature
So how do we see and make the most of more of the opportunities that are in front of us?  This video will show you how to do just that.  Have a GREAT week.  :)

Get Out of Your Rut, Get Unstuck, and Break Through

I overheard one commentator say that the primary reason, he believed, that Hilary lost the election was that the American public was, by and large, convinced that if she became the next president that we would see more of the same with little positive change to our country.
Regardless of what you believe politically, maybe you had something you wanted to accomplish in 2016 but, for whatever reason, you just haven't taken the necessary steps to reach the goal.  You've done the same things, but hoped for different results.
This video will take you through a simple 5 step process to get you to take that first step of change and break through...

How to Easily Read a Book Every Week

So, a few people have taken notice that I have been reading a book a week throughout 2016.  The comments go something like this.  "I would like to but...

"There's no way I could make the time it would take." or "I just don't like to read." or "I read really slowly."

Since I have felt all 3 of these responses, personally, I thought I would share how I have overcome them to read a new book each week.  My hope is that you find it insightful and it helps you to break through to easily reading a book every single week!


Wake Up to a Purposeful and Productive Week

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