Greatest Hits Week

So, I spend about 30 minutes daily to prepare for and shoot a weekly video post.  This week, the week of Thanksgiving, I chose to prioritize family and devote that time to them.  Instead, I have selected five of my favorite videos for each day of the week!  Between them, they have been watched OVER 33,000 TIMES!  Woah.  The blueprints for these videos will take you deeper into the topics discussed.  Enjoy, and remember; this week is a gift, be purposeful and productive with it.  Take care, my friend. :)

MONDAY: Spiritual Current: Get More Done with Greater Purpose in Less Time

I always love seeing others using their gifts in profound and powerful ways.

TUESDAY: How to Absolutely Crush Procrastination

I hate procrastinating and this is the mother of all procrastination busters.

WEDNESDAY: This 1 Thing Can Change Your Life! (Seriously)

My FIRST every video for this blog.  Man, the audio/video is horrible, but the message is legit.

THURSDAY: Why Todo Lists and Scheduling Doesn't Work / Directional Planning

I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful people found this one.

FRIDAY: Living in the Zone Means Doubling Your Effectiveness

Again, horrible audio/video, but Stephen Covey's principles can't be beat!

BONUS: My Interview with the FIRST American Ninja Warrior winner.

Geoff Britten... Yah, he's awesome.

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