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I'm extremely passionate about sharing my knowledge on productivity with the world.  I want you to become more purposeful and productive and create more time for what matters most!  It's the sole desired outcome of this resource.

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If you want world-class knowledge on how to grow deeper purpose and ascend to higher productivITY, subscribe and apply the lesson taught in these free weekly videos.  For the best results, combined the video with its blueprint and complete the SEVEN DAY CHALLENGE each week.

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Due to my availability for one-on-one coaching, I am very selective and charge a ridiculous rate.  Many of the core elements I utilize in my coaching can be found in these completely free, weekly episodes.  If you still feel you are interested in, and could benefit from, personal coaching, shoot my assistant a message at 

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I would like for anyone to be able to afford personal coaching, and at some point, I may create an interactive online class to fulfill this need.  This will be first come, first serve as the number of positions available would be limited.  If you want to be put on the waiting list, shoot me your name and email via the waiting list form, and I'll get back to you in the future regarding this.

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I have been speaking publicly for more than two decades.  If you would like to hire me to help your organization, business, or church family to become more purposeful and productive, shoot my assistant a message at

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